Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet T's Ice Cream Parlour and Snackette

I've done quite a few hotels, so I figured it's now time for something different.

Sweet T's is located to the southern part of the island, in the village of Falmouth, just a few minutes drive away from English Harbour. It's brightly coloured building on the left hand side as you are driving towards English Harbour just before Bailey's Supermarket.  Although it's named an "Ice Cream Parlour" it is so much more than that. There are a wide range of normal, fast foods (e.g. burgers, hot dogs and fries) which you can get at the normal "local" prices - e.g. starting at about $15 EC (or about $6.50 US) you can get a decent burger and fries, or something similar. Personally,  it's a godsend, and I highly recommend it to ESPECIALLY those going to the Shirley Heights lime, which has (in my opinion) somewhat exhorbitant prices for the said same fast food.

Of course, they also sell a wide variety of sweet treats, including ice cream. However, to me the real draw is the creative and inventive "milkshakes. Most of these involve alcohol, although there are probably some virgin, but taste wonderful and go down well, and there are a wide varieties of flavours and styles to choose from.

The only minor quibble is that it is exclusively outdoor, meaning that especially at dusk there may be a few mosquitos trying to take a bite. Other than that, it is a great recommendation for anyone staying or passing through the English Harbour/Falmouth community.


4.5 out of 5

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