Friday, October 26, 2012

Inn La Galleria - Super Budget

Inn La Galleria is located on the North Western side of the island, right off the village of Five Islands. This area contains several lovely beaches, the best of which is arguably Deep Bay, located 10 minutes walk or so (if you take the shortcut) from Inn La Galleria

For what it offers, Galleria is the cheapest on the island. Period. Prices start from 48 US per night, all taxes included. All rooms are air conditioned and come with en suite bathrooms, which means that you won't have to be sharing with anyone else. It is located on top of a small hill, giving you spectacular views of the Deep Bay. There is also the breakfast option for an extra $10US per person, a steal of a deal since it's an *actual* breakfast instead of just toast and cereal. It's a small property  (12 rooms if I'm correct) meaning that there are no irritating noises, sights or activities that you'll experience on a large resort. You also have the option of walking down to the beach, although this will depend on the security at Grand Royal Antiguan since you'll have to walk through their lobby. However, Deep Bay is easily one of the best beaches on the island, so is well worth the trek.

Inn La Galleria is a proper "budget" accommodation. This means that the inn, unfortunately, is not always up to many people's standards. Much upkeep is necessary, both inside and outside of the rooms, as well as in some cases new furniture, better bedding, etc. "Shabby chic" may be one of the words that comes to mind when describing Galleria
Another issue is the location. It's not very close to town or any of the other main areas of the island, meaning that you'll either have to rent a car, or get a taxi, or bus. While there is public transport, it's mainly only available during the day, and runs rarely on Sunday, making transport difficult. Also, if you are planning on staying for an extended period, you will need to stock up somewhere else, as there are no major supermarkets in the village.

Inn La Galleria is a great place for backpackers and people looking to save some money or are not very particular about their budget surroundings. While there may be a few issues regarding upkeep, make no mistake: This is a great deal, with cheap accommodation and a great nearby beach, more than worth the price you'll pay.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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  2. You speak in this post about Grand Royal Antiguan. Do you have any information regarding this resort? Any reviews? Anything you can offer would be great.

    I'm especially interested since you say that Deep Bay is the best beach on the Island.

  3. I haven't been to the beach itself for a few years, so I honestly can't remember that much about it.

    Deep Bay is certainly one of the better beaches, but I would not say the best one.

    The Grand Royal Antiguan is a massive, multi-story building. For one reason or another, the hotel is always sparsely occupied, which is a shame because it is such a great beach with great views. If you want more info, tripadvisor has several excellent reports on Grand Royal Antiguan. What I'd say is, even though it may be a bit rundown, I think many of the reviewers are just a bit harsh on the resort. It's decent accommodation, and the price is decent as well (prices start around 150 US per night I think)