Thursday, October 11, 2012

B and J's Guest House (Budget)

So I'm going to write a post on place that I have never seen any kinds of reviews or feedback on - hopefully someone will be able to stay there and tell me what it's like!

B and J's Guesthouse is located in the main  (and only) city of Antigua and Barbuda, which is St. John's. This means that there's plenty of access to all the capital has to offer, including shops, food, transport, etc. There are lots of people who don't necessarily need to be situated on or near a beach, but like the convenience of town, and this is probably the place for you! At $80 US per night, this is a very decent price being offered, and a bit cheaper than the rest of the accommodation in the city of St. John's (meaning Heritage Hotel and City View) It's a proper self catering apartment, which means that you can save money by preparing food there or go out to a restaurant in St. John's. The place looks to be in decent condition, and there is (allegedly) air conditioning and internet access. When I spoke to the gentleman involved, he also seemed quite happy to give me a discount if I considered staying there. Being in St. John's, there is relatively close access to the islands two main bus stations (about 10 minutes walk) so transport will be relatively easy to come by.

It's possible that a large amount of traffic, both human and vehicular, can keep one up at night. Also, although  the area is "relatively" safe, it certainly isn't as safe to walk around at night, as there would not be the level of security you would have with another guesthouse/resort. Also, THERE IS NO WEBSITE!!! Something critical in this day and age! Doesn't seem to be a facebook page either. However, you can get their details from this site:

Although St. John's may not be the best place to spend a relaxing vacation, there are many people who would appreciate the merits of staying in the city of St. John's. Clean, well appointed, and very reasonably priced, B and J's Guesthouse represents a great deal for people hoping to stay in the capital city.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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